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2009-01-31 18:25:43 by Lawrie2

So I have Logic now and my first piece using it is out now. Go on, check it out... plus if there are any other logic users out there who want to collab i'm up for anything (bar hard dance or happy hardcore).
so please, send me a message and tell me if you've got collaboration ideas.


2008-07-15 15:45:27 by Lawrie2

I have started making piece which could go in two different directions. CAN YOU HELP ME CHOOSE WHICH ONE??? they are the monk songs by the way.


2008-06-28 07:51:37 by Lawrie2

I've been thinking recently that i want to do a collab with someone, i dont really care who it is but i just think itd be good to make a piece of music with someone. im looking to make something odd and interesting and i cant seem to do it on my own. ANYONE?


2008-05-29 17:24:07 by Lawrie2

so just wondering....who likes mastodon or knows anything about their new album?



2008-05-01 10:33:01 by Lawrie2

FINALLY........I've finished Run out of space for those who like it.........please check it out

New Song

2008-04-27 06:20:20 by Lawrie2

I put my new song on today

Listen to it

NOW! /140192