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2008-07-15 15:45:27 by Lawrie2

I have started making piece which could go in two different directions. CAN YOU HELP ME CHOOSE WHICH ONE??? they are the monk songs by the way.


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2008-07-28 07:15:51

Take... both! Really! Take the Intro from v1 and combine it with the main part of v2. I like the Intro better cause of the bongo like percussion u used. Let the perc continue and expose through the main part and use it as aditional sounds to give the Beat some unique soundings :D

btw flawless pic XD

Lawrie2 responds:

Thanks, that sounds interesting, i'll give that a try. i was kind of thinking i might make two different versions, but thats a good suggestion, thanks a lot. And yeah, it is a flawless pic lol


2008-08-31 18:28:47

Duuude, what about the Monks now??? :/ I wann ahear what you did with the thing...

Lawrie2 responds:

Sorry man, ive been really stuck with them recently but i promise i'll have em soon enough

thanks for asking


2008-09-05 09:22:53

Hey World, I am about to collab with some guy who has funky orange eyeglasses xD