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2008-06-28 07:51:37 by Lawrie2

I've been thinking recently that i want to do a collab with someone, i dont really care who it is but i just think itd be good to make a piece of music with someone. im looking to make something odd and interesting and i cant seem to do it on my own. ANYONE?


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2008-07-11 18:57:25

I might want 2 dude, i never did get around 2 making that movie with ur song cuz ive been trying 2 make some songs, the prob is my technology 4 recording is to limited to get something good and im not good enough with piano to take full advantage of fl studio, i had 2 get out my old piano books from when i was 8 and relearn how 2 read notes and crap but im good with coming up with ideas and making the basic parts of the songs to paint a mental picture, let me know if ur interested.